Information for Individuals Wishing to Serve on PMBC

The Podiatric Medical Board of California (PMBC) licenses Doctors of Podiatric Medicine (DPMs). The PMBC Board itself is composed of seven individuals: four licensees appointed by the Governor and three nonlicensee "public members." The Governor appoints one of these public members and the Senate Rules Committee and Speaker of the Assembly appoint the other two members.

Sections 2462-2466 of the Business & Professions Code specify requirements and terms of appointment. Sections 450-451 provide additional qualifications for public members. A full term is four years. Members can be reappointed for a second term and also serve an additional "grace" year as long as a new appointment is not made. The Board holds one-day meetings about four times a year with at least one meeting in Northern and Southern California each calendar year. State law provides that Board members are paid $100 per day for such meetings, as well as travel, hotel, and meal expenses.

Additional information regarding board member service on the Podiatric Medical Board of California or on another Department of Consumer Affairs Board may be found at


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