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It is the responsibility of all health professionals to know applicable laws. Listed below are many of the California Code sections applicable to Doctors of Podiatric Medicine. Of particular interest are Articles 12 (Enforcement) and 22 (Podiatric Medicine) of the Medical Practice Act. These are sections 2220-2319 and 2460-2499.8, respectively, of the Business and Professions Code. These and other state laws may be accessed on the Internet at California Law. For further information, please call the board.

[Business & Professions Code unless otherwise noted]

Section Description
650 Referral kickbacks
651 False advertising
654.1 Prohibited profit sharing
726 Sexual misconduct
810 Insurance fraud
2052 Unlicensed practice
2054 Unlawful representation as physician
2234 Unprofessional conduct
2234(b) Gross negligence
2234(c) Repeated negligent acts
2234(d) Incompetence
2234(e) Dishonesty or corruption
2234(f) Conduct warranting denial of license
2235 Procuring license by fraud
2236 Conviction of a crime
2237 Conviction of drug violation
2238 Narcotics violation
2239 Unlawful use or prescribing
2241 Prescribing to addicts
2242 Prescribing without exam
2261 False statements
2262 Alteration of records
2263 Violating professional confidence
2264 Aiding unlicensed practice
2272 Advertising without name
2273 Capping and steering
2274 Misuse of titles
2278 Use of "Dr." without DPM
2280 Intoxicated while treating patients
2285 Fictitious names
2286 Violation of professional corporation act
2305 Discipline by another state
2472 Exceeding scope of practice

Health & Safety Code 1795 - Patient access to records
Title 16 Regulations § 1399.676 - CME


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